Everything You Need To Know About Being A Work At Home Parent

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In support of iWAHP – International work at home parent week, we have put together some great articles for parents working from home. Whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years there are tips for everyone.

International Week Declared for Working at Home, Feb 5 to 11. – Work at home entrepreneurs, administration professionals, tradespeople and franchise owners are celebrating their achievements and highlighting their contribution to the global economy during the inaugural International Work At Home Person Week (iWAHP), February 5 to 11, 2012.

3 Challenges To Face And Overcome For Work At Home Mums – Work at home mums is not an uncommon thing to hear about these days. Women want to raise their kids themselves and also be able to help with the household income. For you women that want to fulfill this dream, you must first know that there will be some challenges that you will have to face and overcome.

Work at Home Mums: The Importance of Priority and Time Management – For work at home mums, twenty four hours a day is never enough. Juggling between children, family and your career or business is a delicate skill. It is important to remind ourselves that we stay at home to give the best care to our children. So trading your quality time with your children and family with your business or job is never an option. Moreover, what about time to ourselves? That is important too. Having so many things to take care of, to avoid burn out and over stress, we have to learn how to prioritize and manage our time.

Home Office Dilemma – Ways to Make Your Workspace Blend with your Home’s Decor – Getting the look of your home office right can be tricky. On the one hand, you certainly don’t want it to look corporate and cold because it is part of your home. On the other, you do want it to look enough like a workspace to make you feel comfortable working there and to appear professional and businesslike to clients who visit your home office.

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International Work at Home Parent Week – What is it? Calling all business experts!

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